Beyond the famous attractions lies a world of hidden gems in Hong Kong. Unveil the secrets not found in guidebooks, where authentic experiences await. Get yourself with a pair of comfortable walking shoes and your camera ready, join us for a few hours' walk, immerse yourself in an authentic local neighborhood, travel as a real "local" on your own feet, experience one of our impressive public transportation systems - "ding ding" (tram).  During our walking tour, our friendly tour guide will point out the interesting sights and share fun facts with you.

What do you expect from this walking tour...... we will pay a visit to the "Montane Mansion" or what people call as "Monster Building" - an architecture complex composed of five old mansions that resemble a walled city, it has recently become a loved location for filming like "Transformer IV".  We will go on our journey by taking the tram (ding ding) to the area of North Point and will visit Chun Yeung Street wet market - the market retains a local feel where the locals still shop.   You can't imagine that a market on a narrow street can let a tram run through.  Drop by a family-run Chinese embroidery slippers store - the last few "hand-made Chinese embroidery slippers" stores in Hong Kong that started their business in 1960. They persist in offering "Made in Hong Kong" products.  Followed by the visit to Sunbeam Theatre - one of the remarkable landmark theatres that showcases Cantonese opera.  We will then ride the "ding ding" again further down to another area of "Causeway Bay" for a taste of living culture - an ancient tradition of "petty person beating" (da siu yan in Cantonese) - a Chinese folk ritual to dispel evil, particularly the kind brought by enemies.   After all, let's relax a bit and have a try at one of our most popular Traditional eats - wonton noodles before the tour ends.

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Tour price per person

DATE: Weekdays only (Monday - Friday)


MEETING PLACE: Quarry Bay MTR Station (Exit A, inside the station concourse area)

STARTING TIME: 11:00 a.m.

FINISHING PLACE: Causeway Bay MTR Station




At 11:00 a.m., our friendly tour guide will meet you at exit A of Quarry Bay MTR station.

Montane Mansion - a fantastic architecture in Quarry Bay consists of 5 connecting buildings that form an E-shaped architecture complex, centered around the courtyard.  This giant architecture is a residential complex but the apartment units are small and you can best feel the density of the city when you stand in the courtyard.  Each small patio is dotted with wet laundry hanging to dry, lounge chairs for sunning, and flowerpots a common characteristic of local housing throughout Hong Kong.  The facade of the building is rainbow colored, which also makes this development more vibrant and lively, making it so popular among photographers for years and gaining popularity with tourists as well.  It has also become a popular filming location for Hollywood blockbusters and the most famous one is "Transformer IV"

Chun Yeung Street wet market - We will take "ding ding" further to the area of North Point and will explore the Chun Yeung Street market - the market retains a local feel where the locals still shop nowadays.  Local stores are lined on both sides of this narrow street, selling fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and live seafood, what makes it unique is when the tram runs through, people will all stop and wait until the tram is gone through.

Sunbeam Theatre - The landmark theatre in North Point has been synonymous with Cantonese opera for the past 4 decades.  The theatre is designated especially for Cantonese opera performances, it is divided into a grand auditorium with 1044 seats and a small one with 240 seats as a multi-purpose theatre for stage performances.  This is the last private theatre in Hong Kong for stage performances.  The atmosphere in the auditorium is so different from the other public performing centers, the audience is allowed to pay a surprise visit to their idols at the backstage or dressing rooms which is the special culture of the Sunbeam Theatre.

Family-run Chinese embroidery slippers store - will drop by a family-run Chinese embroidery slippers store, one of the oldest hand-made embroidery slippers stores in Hong Kong. It is reputed for its Chinese traditional style embroidered slippers and shoes that are suitable for Chinese traditional weddings.

"Petty person beating" (da siu yan in Cantonese) under Goose Neck Bridge - will take "ding ding" again further down to a place called "Goose Neck Bridge" in the busiest area of Causeway Bay to share fun and experience by watching how the "beaters" helping the people in need to eliminate their enemies and misfortune by "beating the petty person".  "Petty person beating" is a popular cultural ritual practice in Hong Kong that believes that "petty persons" are someone bringing bad luck, or troubles or doing something harmful to them.  When people have no way to express their anger or hatred towards these "petty persons" they will hire beaters to beat the "human portrait" (represents the petty persons) and do a sequence of steps to prevent them from harassment and make sure these petty persons can no longer harm them after being beaten.

Taste of wonton noodles - After all these walks, it's time to relax our feet a bit, let us take you to a family-run traditional noodle shop to enjoy the wonton noodles and broth.  "Wonton" is a Cantonese word for bit size dumpling made stuffed with shrimp and pork, served with noodles, and smothered in aromatic chicken broth.

At the end of the tour, our tour guide will show you the way to the nearest entrance of Causeway Bay MTR station or alternatively, you are also welcome to stay behind and explore this area on your own.


  • Wonton noodles and 1 kind of beverage at the family-run noodles shop (Subject to change and availability)
  • Bottled water (one per person)
  • Tram (ding ding) fees during the tour
  • The tour will be conducted by a friendly English-speaking guide (licensed by the Travel Industry Authority)


  • Cost of any transport or any food/drinks which you choose to buy during your tour.
  • Food and drinks do not belong to the tour
  • Transportation fees from your hotel to Quarry Bay MTR station
  • Transportation fees from Causeway Bay MTR station to your hotel
  • Gratuities (recommended)


  • WHAT TO WEAR AND BRING: As we will be walking and standing for most of the tour, so, comfortable shoes and clothing are recommended
  • If the weather forecast is a rainy day: Please bring an umbrella or rain gear with you
  • If the weather forecast is a hot sunny day: Please put on appropriate sunblock
  • WEATHER CONDITIONS: All tours take place as scheduled except under a Red/Black storm warning or Typhoon #8 or above.


  • A vegetarian option is also available, please advise us upon making a reservation


  • If you have food allergies, please let us know upon making a booking, and we will try to avoid and make alternative tastings for you.


  • Booking has to be made at least 48 hours before the tour date
  • Cancellation by guests less than 72 hours before the tour departure time, the following cancellation fee is involved
  • No show: 100% of tour fees are paid
  • Cancellation made within 72 hours before the tour date: 100% of tour fees are paid.

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