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G – Unveiling Hong Kong Cultural Gems [NEW IN 2023]

OVERVIEW : * This is an extraordinary tour that immerses you in Hong Kong's intangible cultural heritage. We unveil 7 intangible cultural assets, 5 historic buildings, 4 tantalizing local delicacies, 3 traditional customs, and the iconic "Ding Ding" trams. * Discover the hidden gems by visiting iconic 2 temples, and delve into the fascinating history…
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G – Footsteps of the Heritage

Escape from the hustle and bustle area by the amazing public transportation system and step into the village to explore the heritage of the Hakka cultural of Hong Kong who settled in Hong Kong since the 13th century and experience the local activities. OVERVIEW : * Exploring 2 different type of Hakka walled villages* Michelin’s…
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Beyond the famous attractions lies a world of hidden gems in Hong Kong. Unveil the secrets not found in guidebooks, where authentic experiences await. Get yourself with a pair of comfortable walking shoes and your camera ready, join us for a few hours' walk, immerse yourself in an authentic local neighborhood, travel as a real "local"…
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